Life Science

Martha Freitag

This course will cover the scientific method, microorganisms, the animal and plant kingdoms and the human body.  Taught at a lower level than high school biology, this course will serve as a good introduction to observing and studying living creatures designed for middle school students.

Textbook:        Life ScienceAbeka               Lab Fee:  $20.00

Middle School Earth Science 

Angela Hartman

 This course will cover atmosphere, weather, oceanography and geology.  In addition, research papers will be assigned to bring the students an acquaintance with the pioneers in the fields under study. 

Textbook:        A Beka Science: Earth and Space                     Lab Fee:          $40.00

Biology (honors option)

Martha Freitag

This course will cover such concepts as genetics, botany and zoology.  In-class laboratory work will be utilized to reinforce concepts. Homework will include observation reports, an insect collection and a research paper on creation vs. evolution.  It is important for the lab to run concurrently with the class. In order to provide the lab time necessary, this class will meet three hours per week. 

Textbook:        BJU Press Biology               Lab Fee:          $40.00

Chemistry (honors option)

Chuck Hartman

This course will cover stoichiometry, thermochemistry, thermodynamics,  kinetics, redox reactions, solutions, atomic structure, gas laws, and equilibrium.   Heavy book work with manipulation of chemical reactions. 

Textbook:   Chemistry   Addison Wesley4th edition             Prerequisite:   Algebra I          Lab Fee:          $40.00

Physics (honors option)

Mark Freitag

Detailed introduction into the methods and concepts of general physics with heavy emphasis on vector analysis.  This course covers units, measurements, one-and two-dimensional motion, Newton's laws, gravity, work and energy, waves, optics, electricity and magnetism.  Please note: this class is available for private tutoring by request only.

Textbook:   Apologia Exploring Creation with Physics         Tuition: Tutoring rate will apply                       Lab fee: $25.00

Physical Science

Mark Freitag

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